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The Autism Project Building Renovaton

Thanks to the generosity of The Champlin Foundation, our building has received a facelift!

Here is a Social Narrative for participants to read before groups return from Summer Break. We will post a Before and After photo too for non-readers to be told about the changes as well.

Changes at The Autism Project

Here is a brief description of the changes....

Renovations to Sensory and Training Room

  • Expanded the Sensory Room by knocking down the wall between Room 107 and 108, added padded flooring, paint, and updated lighting.
  • Replaced glass in all the front windows and applied film to keep the sun out.
  • Training room was wallpapered and painted (where Club Jr and other groups meet), installed new training electronics including a Smart TV, Screen, Overhead LCD, Speakers, etc.

Renovations to the Waiting Room and Group Room 104

  • Expanded the size of Room 104 by knocking down the wall between 104 and 105, replaced glass in the windows, painted the walls, replaced the carpet with commercial grade -But pretty smile flooring that is more sanitary and easy to maintain, updated lighting with more current eco-friendly lighting, and installed storage cabinetry and drawers.
  • The 1980 light fixture no longer exists!!! The Waiting Room looks and feels like a mini-Panera with new couches, work cubbies and an activity area for siblings.

This is a very exciting time and we look forward to utilizing all the wonderful changes with all of you! Our next update will be the Main Office and staff work areas in Phase 2.

2017/2018 social skills groups - APPLICATIONS are now posted!

Our Social Skills Groups will be starting in October 2017! We will post the available groups and start dates as soon as we can.

If you are interested in your child participating in a group, please complete the application and submit it to Abigail Waite. She will confirm receipt of your application. You will hear from a Group Coordinator within 2-3 weeks of group start dates if a placement is available. Also, an intake/assessment may be required for some clients before the start of groups. We will notify each family if this will be needed and schedule an appointment with a licensed therapist here at our Johnston location.

If you have any questions, contact or call her at 401-785-2666 extension 76797.

The Autism Project’s Social Groups are peer groups designed to strengthen the social interaction and communication skills of children, teens, and young adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Teaching social skills to individuals with autism is an area of treatment that is continuously evolving. At The Autism Project, we offer group-based social skills programs designed to strengthen the communication skills and social interaction abilities of children, teens and young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Our organization believes that participants will learn through their positive experiences, and we provide a safe environment to encourage active participation and practice social skills, complete with supports to promote success and independence, such as:

  • Built in structures
  • Schedules
  • Visuals to promote positive communication
  • Visuals to enhance social participation
  • Incorporated interests and themes
  • Working in and respecting Autism Time
  • Giving choices

We offer a variety of program options that appeal to a range of interests, ability levels and age groups.

A full list of our 2017-2018 Social Groups will be posted soon!

Thank you to our friends at Hasbro, Inc. for their continued support of our social programs.


This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Funding provided in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly, a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and private funders.

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