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we are currently accepting applications for 2014/2015 social skills groups

Announcement of Fall Groups Letter Read the letter from Joanne Quinn, Executive Director, detailing the new programs and enhancements to our social skills group programming.

This session will begin on October 6th, 2014 and continue until May 12th, 2015.

Contact Sarah Pimenta if you have any questions. or 401-785-2666 extension 1098


For the Coming to Group Social Story click the link below:

Coming to Group Social Story

The Autism Project’s Social Groups are peer groups designed to strengthen the social interaction and communication skills of children, teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Teaching social skills to individuals with autism is an area of treatment that is continuously evolving.  At the Autism Project, we offer group-based social skills programs designed to strengthen the communication skills and social interaction abilities of children, teens and young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Our organization believes that participants will learn through their positive experiences, and we provide a safe environment to encourage active participation and practice social skills, complete with supports to promote success and independence, such as:

  • Built in structures
  • Schedules
  • Visuals to promote positive communication
  • Visuals to enhance social participation
  • Incorporated interests and themes
  • Working in and respecting Autism Time
  • Giving choices

We offer a variety of program options that appeal to a range of interests, ability levels and age groups.

Thank you to our friends at Hasbro, Inc. for their continued support of our social programs.

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