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December 2012

Each year I want to give you a snap shot of the children and families we serve to illustrate the impact your  support has. In her own words, Emily Langevin tells the story of her relationship with her brother Josh. A telling story of her love for her brother and the impact of his autism.

My name is Emily and my 17 year old brother Josh has autism. He is different from most brothers. Josh usually wants to be left alone, has limited interests and never has any friends over which makes me sad. He enjoys the computer and playing his Muppet DVD’s. We play “The Price is Right” together on the Wii and he usually asks me for the prices. It’s very fun.

His autism is middle of the road… there are others with autism that are more high functioning and there are also others who are impacted more severely. Even though he is a teenager, he can only read and do math at a 1st or 2nd grade level. I think his favorite subject is Art.

Josh competes in Special Olympics doing bowling, basketball and Track & Field doing the softball throw and the running long jump. I enjoy cheering him on. When he gets frustrated, he will scream or sometimes push. I can usually tell when it is going to happen. When he is excited, he will flap his arms and sometimes he skips on his toes. These behaviors may scare people who do not know about autism, but when you hang out with Josh for a while, he’s really fun to be with.

Even though he is different, to me, he’s still just Josh… my older brother.

Josh is a familiar face at the Autism Project. He continues to make great strides by participating in our Social Skills Groups and Summer Camp.

Please help us extend this safe learning environment to other children with autism across Rhode Island with your donation today.

Thank you for your support,

Joanne G. Quinn
Executive Director

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