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One Week Can Transform a Child’s Life!

August 2015

What if one week could transform a child’s life? And what if you could be a part of that transformation?

Keith is a single father of two girls – twins – with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As is often the case for parents of children on the Autism spectrum, Keith finds it exceptionally difficult to take his girls out into the world and safely watch them. “We do a lot of activities in our yard and whatever deserted or isolated playgrounds and beaches I can find, but we are alone there, without other children, and it makes me sad.”  “We would have no chance at camp,” Keith explains, “ or even having the girls play in the kids room at the YMCA. Most places don’t have the resources to provide the extra supervision and assistance that my children need.”

And that’s where The Autism Project’s Camp WANNAGOAGAIN! comes in.  Camp WANNAGOAGAIN! is a summer camp for children and teens with an ASD.  But it is so much more than that. “Camp WANNAGOAGAIN! has made a tremendous positive impact on my daughters’ lives. If it were not for Camp, my girls would not have any opportunities to interact with other children and adults in an appropriately safe setting. No arts and crafts, no swimming, no soccer, no paddle boats! If it were not for Camp, my family would be isolated for most of the summer. We are SO GRATEFUL for Camp!”

What if one week could transform a child’s life? It can!  And what if you could be a part of that transformation? You can!

Camp WANNAGOAGAIN!  is truly a place where kids with an ASD can just be kids. But our Camp would not be possible without YOU! Your financial support not only provides The Autism Project with the resources it needs to run the camp, but also enables us to give camperships to families who otherwise would not have the financial resources to register their children.  The Autism Project’s goal is to turn no child away from our services, and you make that goal possible!

The Autism Project’s fiscal year ends on September 30, and we still have $25,000 to raise to meet our goals.  Won’t you please consider a gift to our annual fund?  Your gift will make a direct impact on our campers and their families and will ensure no child with an ASD feels isolated and left-out during the summer months.

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and the difference that you make! Because of you, more children like Keith’s daughters will build confidence, make friendships, and create connections that will last a lifetime.


Erica Busillo Adams

Development Manager


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