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It Starts in the Heart!! Conscious Discipline 2 Day Conference

It Starts in the Heart will focus on Integrating Classroom Management with Social-Emotional learning across the day.

Conscious Discipline is a research-based comprehensive self-regulation program that combines social and emotional learning with discipline and guidance. Built on a foundation of current brain research, the School Family is constructed from safety, connection and problem-solving.  

Presented by: Kim Jackson, Loving Guidance Associate

Kim Jackson is a master teacher who is dedicated to providing the very best learning experiences possible for each child in her care. She graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been teaching and coaching in the public schools of North and South Carolina for the past 20 years. As a teacher, Kim’s teaching practices are true to the mission of Conscious Discipline as she inspires teachers and parents alike to think about brain development and guides young children towards independent self-regulation as a foundation for future success in life. Her classroom is the very best representation of how to implement Conscious Discipline with a very broad scope of children coming from children of cultural, linguistic, and ability diversity. As a trainer, Kim draws both beginning and experienced teachers in with candor, clarity, humor and humility. Warm stories of her personal experiences, classroom experiences, and her teaching partners and their authentic learning journeys together weave wonderful examples of how to welcome, how to embed and how to embrace Conscious Discipline. Kim has been a part of the NC Preschool Demonstration Program demonstrating “best practices” in action for local, state and national observers and offers coaching and support in modifying their own teaching practices. Kim works closely with local universities and early childhood agencies to support their teacher education programs. She has also provided teacher training on the local, state, national level and international level. 

Emotional regulation is not about control or the lack of it. It is about effectively using emotions as signals that alert us to the actions needed to sustain a relationship. Our internal guidance system consists of our emotions and feelings. Most adults struggle to access this basic system and as a consequence, find it difficult to help children to learn to listen to theirs. This workshop seeks to attune our adult systems in a way that will help us with our own families, colleagues, agencies, schools and of course; the children in our care. It will enhance and strengthen all our significant relationships. 

This conference is intended to help ALL children and young teens, not just those on the autism spectrum

Workshop Features:

  • Identify the components of the Brain Smart Start™ and explain how they relate to the Brain Smart™ principles
  • Recognize the relationship of internal states to behavior for both adults and children
  • Identify classroom structures and rituals that will help generate an optimal state for learning within the environment of the School Family™
  • Shift from control to connection by describing how to structure the classroom success visual routines and rituals
  • Learn clear assertive communication techniques so children learn their words are more powerful than their hands
  • Describe how to transform hurtful interactions into helpful communication
  • Make the shift from seeing “misbehavior” as a problem to a call for help for love
  • Learn, play, and have fun!  

Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Free Parking included

Books will be available to purchase

Credits for NASW and ASHA are available

To Register online please click on Register Now or you may call Deb Langevin at 401-785-2666 ext 76788 or email her at


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