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Corporate Philanthropy - Making a Difference Through Donations

Buzz Parent shares why they support The Autism Project!

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Chuck E. Cheese’s And The Autism Project’s ‘Sensory Sensitive Sundays’ Collaboration

Chuck E. Cheese's expands 'Sensory Sensitive Sundays' throughout New England thanks to pilot program in Rhode Island in collaboration with The Autism Project!

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Thinking of Starting a Corporate Imagine Walk Team?  Just Ask Cadence Science How It’s Done!

This is Cadence Science’s third year of participating as a corporation in The Autism Project (TAP)’s annual Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day for Autism – and they are one of our absolute favorite corporate teams! We paid the Cadence Science Imagine Walk Committee a visit in January to talk to them about why they Imagine Walk and to see if they had any tips on how to be a successful corporate team.


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So Much More Than a Waiting Room

Did you ever think you could form lifelong friendships in a waiting room?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to a group of families here at The Autism Project!

We sat down with our Move & Groove Group 3 parents to talk about their Autism Project experiences, what TAP has meant to their families, and what they're thankful for!

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Think Volunteering Can’t Change Your Life? How about a Teenager’s Life? Think Again!

Have you ever considered volunteering with The Autism Project (TAP)?  Our annual summer camp, Camp WANNAGOAGAIN!, attracts dedicated volunteers each year – but what is the volunteer experience really like? And what does it mean to those who volunteer?

We recently had the opportunity to chat with three of our Camp WANNAGOAGAIN! volunteers - Ryan Champlin (21), Barry James (18), and David Whittaker (21) - known affectionately to the TAP staff as “The Three Musketeers”!  All were young teens when they became involved with TAP!  Read on to learn about how they came to volunteer at TAP (in one case, a speeding ticket!), how their volunteer experiences have impacted their lives for the better, and why they think volunteering for TAP is an absolute must-do!

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Thank You To Many Thoughtful Committed Citizens

There are many small groups of thoughtful committed citizens I’ve had the honor to be a part of that enabled our organization to grow and they should be recognized for changing the status quo of education, research, play and support for people with an autism spectrum disorder.

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Feeling Blue

Today I celebrate the many accomplishments of my son Patrick and the thousands of individuals living with autism in our state. But, I must ask as an advocate and mother why we are using our scarce resources to increase awareness rather than provide resources to improve quality of life?

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iTunes, Bad People and CDs


Remembering our many PASSWORDs is becoming more of a chore and stresser for so many of us. Is the imminent threat to my NetFlix or iTunes account so great that I should carry a toggle with a new PASSWORD every 15 minutes? That's what it seems like we join more online and Cloud-based organizations. See how a unique experience of resetting one's PASSWORD helps to put it all into perspctive.

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More Than a Village… A Very Special Family

After eight great years of entertainment, support and awareness of autism spectrum disorders and the Autism Project's summer program Camp WANNAGOAGAIN!, Catwalk to Campground produced it's final fashion show. We are forever grateful for the commitment to our camp and the many families we serve. Read our blog to fully understand the love, creativity and hard work that went into producing one of the best events in support of our programs.

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Learning, playing, dancing and graduating UNIFIED

A new era has begun in education. Actually, it’s been growing for four years in the halls of East Greenwich High School. Thanks to the leadership of the administration and faculty, the open minds and hearts of the students and the adoption of two programs, students with and without disabilities experienced daily life, academics, sports, art, theater, the Prom and graduation as one of the most unified communities ever. 

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