Treatment and Intervention Options for Children and Young Adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder


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Treatment and Intervention Options

With the hundreds of different ASD treatments and interventions in existence today, selecting the best approach for your child can seem confusing. Additionally, the very nature of a “spectrum” disorder indicates varied levels of strengths and difficulties among each affected individual, necessitating tailored intervention programs that target the unique needs and abilities of each child.

First Step

Autism is a complex developmental disorder, and education, both of children directly and of parents and teachers, remains the primary form of treatment (National Research Council 2005).  Before attempting to evaluate the different treatment options available, we strongly recommend that you gain a solid understanding of the core deficits and challenges presented by Autism Spectrum Disorders, along with how they specifically relate to your child’s learning and communication skills. Understanding your child, the disorder, and how he or she relates to and interprets the world around them is a crucial starting point in evaluating your options and choosing effective strategies.

To gain information, speak to doctors and seek out local agencies that offer ASD resources and training for families. Join ASD parent groups and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with other parents and share information. Attend parent classes administered by experts. Take advantage of Parent Consultants’ experience and expertise.

Among the services offered by The Autism Project are workshops and classes to help families better understand the diagnosis and learn practical strategies to support individuals with ASD.

Parent to Parent

Our “Parent to Parent” program fosters participants’ deeper understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders through discussions led by an experienced parent coach and collaboration with other parents in small groups. The program offers strategies to support individuals with ASD, elicit positive behaviors at home and school, along with the opportunity to gain tips and feedback as you begin to implement them with your child. Learn more about our training.

A Starting Point

A Starting Point is a nine-week training series for parents and professionals that provides a foundation and deeper understanding of ASD, and enables participants to learn and practice effective strategies that can be used across settings to foster success and independence among individuals with autism.

Through presentations delivered by professionals and facilitated by our Parent Training Coordinator, participants learn about the unique strengths and challenges of ASD, theories of practice, and solutions to insure consistent treatment and carryover of strategies at home, in the community and at school. Each class provides participants with the opportunity to engage in discussions and ask questions, role-play, practice skills, and create materials that they can use at home to support children with ASD. Get more details about A Starting Point.

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