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Considerations Following a Diagnosis

After receiving an ASD diagnosis some areas you will want to focus on include:

Obtaining Assistance Providing for Your Child’s Care

  • Contact your health insurance provider to find out what services are covered by your health insurance policy.
  • Contact a community family support service to learn about assistance program options and eligibility requirements.

    At The Autism Project, we have a Parent Resource Specialist on staff who can help you learn more about autism and guide you through the resources available throughout the state of Rhode Island at no cost.  Equipped with knowledge of navigating the system as well as training, Sue Baylis is the proud mom to two young women with autism, Julia and Emily. She is here to listen to your concerns, help you apply for Medical Assistance, access community services that support your child and family, answer any other questions you may have or simply listen about your day and offer reassurance that you are not alone in this journey.

    Sue facilitates several support groups to help family members network with each other to reduce their isolation and expand supports for parenting children.

    You can reach Sue at 401-785-2666 ext. 1021 or click here to email Susan Baylis.

  • Explore government Medical Assistance (Medicaid) services

    In Rhode Island, the state agency responsible for administering the Medicaid Program is the RI Department of Human Services.

DHS Katie Beckett Eligibility Category

In Rhode Island, certain children under age 19 who have long term disabilities or complex medical needs can become eligible for RI Medical Assistance coverage through the Department of Human Services Katie Beckett eligibility category.  Katie Beckett eligibility enables children to be cared for at home instead of in an institution and covers services like participation in peer social groups. To view a list of social programs offered through The Autism Project that are covered by Medical Assistance, click here.

With Katie Beckett, only the child’s income and resources, not the parents’, are used to determine eligibility. For details on Rhode Island Medical Assistance and the Katie Beckett eligibility category, visit the Department of Human Services’ website.

For More Information

Download the RI Resource Guide for Families of Children with ASD, published by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

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