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Who We Are

The Autism Project is a unique collaboration of parents and professionals. It is our mission to develop a comprehensive system of care and resources that meet the needs of children and adults with autism and their families including education, health, vocational, career, and social and community needs.

We work to support individuals with an autism spectrum disorder in many areas.

We educate their parents and caregivers on best practices for supporting individuals with autism; we educate and train teachers, speech professionals, occupational therapists, teacher assistants, day care providers, community members and other professionals on the current best practices; and, we offer direct services to individuals with autism. We also work to advocate for individuals with autism and their families to increase availability of programs to support them. Finally, we offer support services for families from early diagnosis through transition to the work force through our parent resource specialist, support groups, parent training, a parent resource center and our active website and social media efforts (FB, Twitter and Pinterest).

The Autism Project works to ensure children with an ASD benefit from an appropriate education and related therapeutic services within their local school, community and at home. Our programs educate parents and families in their newest role as teacher, but more importantly as mom and dad.

Each day our staff works with individuals using current evidence-based interventions and best practices. We host a National Speaker Conference each year to bring new advancements and knowledge to our community. We support schools and families as we learn, practice and generalize the new information into the classroom, home and community. Together we master the new skills to better support the student or child with an ASD. 

We work to our mission by: providing multiple training programs, running social skills groups and a summer camp for children with an ASD and related communication disorders, hosting a national speaker conference, by increasing awareness of the disability and by lending support to families across our state at our annual Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day.

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